Party Ideas for your Pooch

Party Ideas for your Pooch

At the Wow Factory we come up with some interesting party tips. Here are some Party Ideas for your Pooch.

America is a nation that is in LOVE with their pets. According to an article for CBS Money Watch A over $56 Billion dollars in pet retail sales. Whether that means food or products we won’t neglect our fur babies. One trend that has become more popular over the years is pet birthday parties. Although we’re not in the pet party business, we do believe some of these ideas may help you to plan one for your favorite pooch that’s something to bark about.
Where does one throw a pet party? Any of the dog parks will accommodate a small party with plenty of room for the pups to run. Many of the parks have canopies or some type of covered lounging area. Make sure you get to one of these locations early, since there are no reservations and the tables are limited. Make sure you remind people to bring lawn chairs for extra seating. Sunscreen is also a must. If you have a dog that is light in color, be sure to pack sunscreen for them too.

Products like Petkin’s Doggy Sunscreen wipe has a 15 SPF and is ideal because it comes in wipes. These are a ‘must have’ for your doggy bag for sure.
What’s on the menu? You know that you can’t feed a dog birthday cake, but you can make your pet a cake made with carob, peanut butter and yogurt. Don’t forget to bring treats, like cookies or biscuits to pass out throughout the day. If your dog will be having other dog friends as guests, make doggie bags for them to take home.

We’ve seen many people do full course meals, but if you aren’t planning a Kardashian event keep it simple. Many times dogs are finicky eaters when other animals are present and you won’t want to carry the leftovers home. But don’t forget to bring plenty of plastic bags in all sizes, including large garbage bags.
Consider throwing a theme party for your baby dog. You can find plenty of great ideas of interest or by doing a simple Google search. Use your imagination and see where it takes you. Some cute ideas include The Cowboy BBQ, Harley Motorcycle Party or a Bat Mitzvah for your little buddies. Be sure to have your smart phones out for plenty of pictures.
Dog Birthday Parties can be a lot of fun for all ages. Remember to have a time out space for those not able to be as social. A clicker is also a handy item to have for when the party gets loose and you need to grab everyone’s attention.

In passing, we’d like to say contact us for any other party ideas and come on by but leave the pups at home! Barking allowed!