Reasons to Watch Your Favorite Teams at The Wow Alley

If you enjoy the All-American games of baseball, football, hockey, basketball what have you, then you’ll love it even more after reading this article. While sports is one of the best ways to bond with your kids, albeit watching on TV or going to an actual game, it’s also fun to put the game on hold, record it or go when motivated. We find that watching any game at the “The Wow Alley” makes for an even better experience. Here’s the reasons why.

  • We have tasty snacks and morsels of happiness that are much less expensive than what you’ll get at any Stadium or Park. While we do love a good hot dog, we don’t always want to pay $10 to get one. The Wow Alley’s menu is one of the best in town and gives you a 7” pizza for less than the cost of that dog. “We’ll Take Two with Everything”! Our café also offers beer and wine for less than the plastic cup you’ll get at the field, so you’ll be saving money and lots of it!
  • If saving money on food and drink doesn’t convince you, another element we think might is our multiple screen views both on and off the lanes. These giant flat screen t.v’s make it incredible to see any type of sporting event. The cool thing about watching the game from the lanes is you’ll never miss a highlight of your favorite teams while also enjoying family night.
  • Whether the Marlins, Dolphins, Heat, Panthers or whoever your favorite is are playing, we’ve got you covered. We have late night lanes open to the public, that can help you see your game watching with minimal upfront planning.
  • Besides the flexible hours and beautiful state of the art bowling facility the customer experience is our top priority at the Wow Alley lanes.

So what are you waiting for???? Give your kids memories they will cherish forever and never miss another highlight. Head to the Wow Alley guest counter and book your lanes today, this is fun for the entire family.

Be sure to contact us directly if you have further questions regarding lane rental and times.

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