Ropes Course

You talked the talk now its time to walk the walk… Only this time you’ll be suspended 10′ in the air trying to weave your way through an AMAZING ropes course in the sky!

The Ropes Obstacle Course at The WOW Factory will test not only your nerve but your skill, balance and coordination too! Hang on and bite the bullet as you and your friends embark on a mission that would make some Ninja’s turn and run to their Momma’s…Well maybe that’s an over statement but you get the point.

The ropes course at The WOW Factory has been voted the #1 indoor obstacle course along with Ballocity that South Florida has ever encountered! Its so much fun that when its time to leave you might just find Dad up there acting out his Super Hero fantasies…Just text him to get down and pretend you don’t own him…

Sky Trail Elevated Ropes Course – Have your kids reached their “wow” capacity? If not, harness-up at the elevated rope course. Tap into your inner acrobat and enjoy this adrenaline-charged attraction.