Say Yes! To an End of Year Party

There are many reasons to host a year-end party for your employees and their families. Companies who care for their employees and show it tend to have dedicated workers who stay around for a while. Here are 5 ways that throwing one of these events will help retain employees and attract more business.

A Company Who Cares

Whether you’re the CEO of a company or head of human resources, by planning a year-end party where you include employees and their families, you position yourself as a company who cares. Often times people overlook the importance of staff and employees and their dedication to their families. A year-end party can help to remind them of their importance to the company as well as recognize the true meaning of why they put in 40 hours per week. This type of event helps to show your appreciation.

Build Company Morale

When your company seems to be lacking morale, hosting a corporate year-end party can really boost the attitudes of those who work with and for you. The difference will lie when returning to work post party as people will reminisce about the good times they had. By inviting your coworkers along with their families you can eliminate excuses for no babysitting. Above all, you connect with your staff on a more intimate level.

Announcements and Promotions

Perhaps you have a new product line or major company announcement to make, this type of party can help launch and motivate those involved. Don’t forget to include plenty of photography to capture the event. Why not give away some type of promotional item to help enhance your employee’s excitement? These types of parties are more informal and are meant to induce fun.

Build Relationships

In many cases when working long hours or perhaps a stressful environment, people have a tendency to be disconnected. By introducing a more laid-back setting, you allow a more open line of communication needed for your company’s growth.

In closing, it doesn’t matter if you’re the event planner or the secretary. By rolling out the red carpet for those who work with you side-by-side you create an enjoyable atmosphere and introduce a welcome attitude that will be valuable to the rest of your team.

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