School Lunch Prep for The Week

Packing lunch for school-going kids is unavoidable, yet very mentally and physically involving. Often, the task involves preparing sandwiches at night or stocking up lunchboxes with leftovers in the morning.

But there is a more effective way of preparing school lunches for your kids. Most of us have extra time to spare on weekends. You can use this time to prepare a week worth of lunch for your kids.

Buy enough containers

To pack a week’s lunch, you need at many containers or snack bags. Remember, you will need to pack these containers in the fridge. Therefore, buy the same type of containers so that you can easily stack them on top of each other. Most parents prefer smaller containers or divided containers as they can easily pack different type of foods. You will want to get the same.

Have a lunch menu plan

You cannot just start packing lunches without a plan. You need to decide what the kid will eat every single day. After deciding, visit the grocery and buy everything you need to prepare the lunches.

As you plan, consider your dinner plans for the week and anticipate leftovers. For instance, if Wednesday’s dinner involves grilled turkey, add extra pieces to put in Thursday’s lunchbox.

Observe a balanced diet

The lunch menu should have a main course, a side dish, fruit or vegetable, and a drink or smoothie. It is important to maintain a balanced diet so your kids can remain healthy.

Meat balls, egg muffins, fish sticks, chicken fingers, lettuce tacos, beef sticks, and sandwiches can serve as the main course. Kids need carbs such as bread, pasta, waffles, noodles, and tortillas. But too much of these foods can lead to obesity. Fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins and other micronutrients.

It will be fun for your kids when they get a creative meal every day, but such a meal plan may dig deep into your wallet.

Some foods don’t last

It is fun just to pick a lunch box from the fridge and toss it in the kid’s backpack. That was the whole idea of packing lunches over the weekend, right? Nonetheless, your kids will not enjoy darkened avocado slices or browned apple pieces. Pack such foods in the morning of the day they appear on your meal plan.

Pack wet foods separately

Maybe your kid’s favorite is a chicken salad sandwich. Prepare and pack it on the weekend, and your kid will eat soggy bread on Thursday. Show your kid how to prepare the sandwich, then pack the bread and chicken salad separately. Similarly, noodle sauces and soups should be packed separately.

Involve the kids

Kids are eager to help in the kitchen. Often, they are ready to do more than they are allowed. Involving them in the lunch preparation process makes them long to take the food because they helped prepare it. Also, you get to know the food they like and the food they tolerate.

Packing a week’s lunch over the weekend reduces the morning rush. Due to the adequate planning, your kids will enjoy a tasty meal with sufficient nutrients. With the necessary ingredients, packing a week’s lunch for one kid will take less than one hour.

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