School Shopping on a Budget

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If you live in a place such as Coconut Creek, your kids are most likely heading back to school. While we’re sure many parents are elated their children will be back in full swing, others might be feeling a little blue. In fact, some cases parents experience some anxiety as there are extra expenses during this time of year. If that’s your feeling, we are here to help make things better by offering some school shopping penny savers for you to consider.

The Dollar Store is the Bomb Dot Com!

When you’re working on a tight budget, school season can be a bit of a strain. However, making a pitstop at the Dollar Store can save you a ton. You can find school supplies and a plethora of other items that can quickly fill up a book bag in no time.

Get Thrifty with Your School Shopping

Another great place to pick up school clothing can be done by checking out thrift stores and venues such as TJ Maxx or Marshalls. Regardless of the season, many of these places have some trendy and vintage items that kids just love. In addition to finding school clothing another excellent place to find deals would be on Facebook’s Marketplace and Apps such as Letgo.

Craigslist Freebies

Besides the apps and the latest shopping spots through social media, Craigslist is another resource for picking up pre-owned items such as desks and office furniture. Be sure to visit the FREE section as many South Floridians are commuters and place give-a-ways to whoever is interested. This is an excellent way to save big bucks, especially if you’re handy and like to restore things like book shelves.

The Big ‘A’ Has More Free Items Than You Know

Other than the screaming deals you find on CL, Amazon is one of the best places to shop. Type into the search bar FREE and see what pops up. Frequently you can score books and software at a deep discount. There’s even a chance to get them for $0!

End Caps Offer Big Savings Too!

On top of finding some cool stuff on the big A, shop for snacks and food items at Aldi or Target. Be sure to look at the end caps as these are generally where they put the best buys in the house.

Lastly, we understand being on a budget is a must in many cases. However, by using some creativity while you shop, you can stay within your means. Keep in mind; these are just a few tips we hope you can use to make the year easier.

We’d like to hear your suggestions on how you saved a few bucks this year. Drop us a line or visit our Facebook Fan Page.


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