Sleeping Problems In Children (and How to Deal with Them)

Having a child with bedtime troubles can seem like an extra burden but with the right knowledge and strategy you can make both of your lives a lot easier. If your child has problems sleeping, snores, sleepwalks, or etc… just remember you are far from alone. Around one in four children experience some sort of sleeping issue growing up. Depending on the age of your child it’s important to note that they may need 9 or more hours of sleep every night so having a early bed time is very important. Getting enough sleep is so important because it will keep your child in a good mood and receptive to school material. Not only is it important for your childs brain function but also their growth since growth hormone is excreted more during sleep time.

Not enough time asleep in children has been linked to learning problems, tiredness, and can even cause growth problems down the road. In order to combat this problem in a smart way. First you should address that cause of the problem, is it sleep apnea, anxiety, not enough exercise, middle-of-the-night-waking, sleep walking, or restless legs? Each individual or mix of problems requires a specialized approach. Contact your doctor if you believe your child needs medication but the following tips may be all you need to solve your problems.

  1. Have a regular bedtime. This means even on the weekends! While its okay to deviate from the regular time by an hour or two on days where they can sleep in the following day, having a regular bed time will help your child develop an internal clock that will keep them feeling great each day.
  2. Have an early bedtime. As we have said earlier, your child may need nine hours of sleep or more depending on their age.
  3. Get your child to run around more. There are many after school programs that are specifically tuned to helping your child get out all that energy. Wow factory has just the after school program to help your child get ready for a great night of sleep. Our highly trained and loving staff are always attentive and entertaining.

A regular and early bedtime may be all your child needs to conquer their bed time troubles. Before contacting a doctor to prescribe medication that could make them drowsy during the day try these tips. They could be all your child needs.