South Florida Father’s Day Spoofs

With Father’s Day right around the corner on June 19, we decided to have a few laughs poking a little fun at dear ole’ dad. Because we love our fathers so much and since dad’s tend to be the comedian in the family we decided to put together this blog in their honor. Here are a few highlights to some Father’s Day spoofs we hope you enjoy.

Story #1: A mom is in the delivery room while her baby is crowning and her husband looks like Johnny bench waiting for his pride and joy to enter into the world he pops his head up from behind the sheet where her legs are raised and says “honey why is his hair bright red when were both brunettes?”

Story #2: When our daughter Sarah first learned to drive she asked her father to take her out. Willingly he agreed as he hopped in the back seat behind Sarah. With a disheveled look on her face she asked “dad what you doing?” In which my husband quickly replied “I’ve been waiting for this moment your whole life.” With a puzzled look on her face she glared into the rear view mirror as my husband anxiously connected his seatbelt. He looked up and said “I’ve been waiting to kick the back of your seat and now it’s my turn”.

Story #3: Last year for my son’s baseball team party I asked my husband to go to Walgreens and pick up some candy to fill gift bags. When my husband returned he opens the bags of candy and distributed them to help me out. Hours later I had several calls from the other parents asking if anyone had reported the flu. Although I was puzzled I continued cleaning reflecting on who may have bought a sick child to the party. While I was taking out the garbage I glanced inside the bag and found that my husband accidentally purchased sugar-free red vines and Hershey bars. Although he meant well thinking sugar-free was a better way to go what he didn’t see was the warning on the package explaining the ingredients to cause a laxative effect.

Story#4: My husband is a huge fan of politics.  After returning home from the store I found my four-year-old contently watching television with his father. As I began to rant and rave about my visit to the supermarket my son quickly corrected me with this reply “Shhhh, be quiet… daddy is watching the rerection”.

Well kids say the darndest things, we all know who the culprit really is.  But we wouldn’t change it for the world. We hope you enjoyed our stories that we shared with you.  Feel free to drop us a line and tell us about your dad spoofs.

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