St. Patrick’s Day Lucky #7 Bargains

Bargain Sale Prices Wow FactorySharing the wealth

It’s overwhelmingly clear that people have a sense of pride in their ability to hunt and find a deal. And when a person is proud of something, they tend to want to tell others about it. The same is true with bargain hunting. Of the shoppers surveyed, 46% said they were proud of their deal-hunting abilities and “openly brag about them,” while 23% found the act of spreading the word about a good deal a “great way to bond with people.” The 55 and over age group is most likely to share coupons with complete strangers, with 20% saying it makes them feel like they’re “doing something charitable.”

The sharing element is important. As our consumer psychologist says, “It can be instant or it can take time, but most sharing happens within a week of discovering a relevant coupon. These people are either consciously or unconsciously always on the lookout for coupons/bargains to share—and they know what to do when they find them.” Overall, people see sharing coupons and money-saving tips as a way to bond with others.

What does it all mean?

Our research has shown that bargain hunting gives people more than just savings on the items they’ve got their eye on. Coupons and sale shopping help lessen the guilty feeling when buying expensive things and defending consumers’ choices to purchase them in the first place. Younger people are more emotionally attached to the idea of their favorite shops having a sale, and they are more inclined to suffer FOMO or disappointment if they miss it. As well as being happy about getting money off, they also take pride in their family and friends’ reactions when they get a good deal.

Sale and Discount Wow FactoryMeanwhile, older age groups are less likely to be driven by their emotions when finding and getting a bargain. But when they do score a deal, they’re more likely to tell someone, even complete strangers. People like to be altruistic and do nice things for others, and getting a good deal and sharing it helps them do this while also making themselves feel good. Here’s to making you happy and helping you score a deal!