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Wow Your Kids With A Party At The Wow Factory

If you are within Coconut Creek or the larger South Florida region, then the Wow Factory offers the best location for your kid’s party. Whether you are having a birthday party, a family get-together or just want to give your kids and their friends a fun day out; the Wow Factory offers the best value for money and an enjoyable experience. What would you, and your kids, experience at the Wow Factory? Read on to find out.

  1. An awesome party venue with Lots of fun activities

The Wow Factory offers more than just bowling, there are numerous fun activities for your kids to enjoy. There are more than enough bowling alleys so you can reserve as many as you want to ensure that your party enjoys their bowling uninterrupted. Apart from the bowling, there is a well-stocked arcade games section with many new and retro arcade games available. There is a laser tag arena within the complex as well as a rock climbing wall and a rope course. To have access to any, or all, of these facilities, all you have to do is book them in advance.

  1. Kids birthday party packages

If you are holding a birthday party for your child, and their friends, then the Wow factory has a number of special party packages for you. Starting at $399, your kids will enjoy bowling and any of the other fun activities within the complex. They will get pizza and sodas as well as a complimentary Wow Factory gift bag. The Wow Factory can also send branded paper or electronic invitations to your party attendants. The birthday girl or boy will also be given points that can be redeemed at any of the fun activities for free as a birthday gift. If you have more than 12 guests or want a more customized party experience (such as a special menu), then all you need is to inform the Wow factory in advance and your child’s party can be customized to suit your preference.

  1. An affordable and safe experience.

All our party packages, activities and food and beverage items are priced affordably to ensure that your kids can have fun without denting your budget. The Wow factory prides itself in being a responsible member of the Coconut Creek community and wants its services to be within the price range that can be enjoyed by all. All the activities that are held at the Wow factory are also adequately supervised by well-trained staff to ensure that your children will be safe as they enjoy themselves. From the rock climbing wall to the kitchen, you can be guaranteed that all safety measures are adhered to.

  1. Something for the parents

While the kids have fun, the Wow factory has something for the parents and chaperones to enjoy. Adults can enjoy bowling; have some snacks or sample from our wide selection of wines and craft beers. We have an impressively wide menu that includes tacos, burgers, steaks, tex-mex and quesadillas.

The Wow Factory has all the ingredients for a truly fun and unforgettable kids’ party. Bring your kids and let them discover the ‘wow’ effect of the Wow Factory.

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6 Of The Hottest Themes For Kids’ Birthday Parties

The secret to having a great kids’ birthday party is to have a common theme. A theme helps to tie the whole event around one idea. This adds excitement to the party and narrows down your party ideas to one line of thought. Of course, not all kids’ birthday party ideas are great. But if you are scouting for some good ones, you’re in luck. Check out some of the 6 hottest themes for kids’ birthday parties below.

  1. Lego themed parties

Lego blocks have taken the world by storm, in a way. They have inspired games, cartoons, and even movies. Kids love to play with them. And guess what else? They would love a Lego-themed birthday party as well. With this theme, you can have a Lego cake, Lego cupcakes, provide Lego playing blocks, Lego furniture (tables and stools), Lego themed water slides, etc. The list is endless.

  1. Super hero themed parties

Kids cannot get enough of super heroes. They love them with all their little hearts. You cannot go wrong with this theme, especially if you’re hosting a birthday party for a boy. Some of the popular super heroes at the moment include Spider Man, Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Turtle Ninjas, just to name a few. And as a parent, you obviously know who your kid’s favorite hero is. You can apply this theme to your kid’s birthday party through clothing, costumes, toys, cake, and other party props.

  1. Movie themed parties

Another great idea for hot birthday party themes is movies. There are some movies that just stick with your kids. And creating a birthday theme around that would just make their day. Some of the hottest kid’s movies at the moment include The Smurfs, Trolls, Penguins of Madagascar, Frozen, The Chipmunks, Moana, etc. Choose one of these and work on party ideas revolving along the movie.

  1. Wipeout themed party

Being summer, the wipeout theme is perfect. If you have watched the popular TV show then you know that kids would love to have a party based on its ideas. It’s just loads and loads of fun. The kids get to compete and spend time in the water. For this theme you’ll need to have a pool, even if it’s an inflatable one. You’ll also need water slides and Wipeout props to complete the theme.

  1. Camping themed party

Another hot birthday party idea for kids is camping. This theme will give your kids a taste of being outdoors. You can go about this in different ways. One, you can actually plan to host the party outdoors at a camping location. Two, you can simply pitch tents in your backyard and make that your venue. Thirdly, you can create a faux camp site right in your living room. Better yet, you can have the kids pitch in to create the set up.

  1. Fashion themed party

Another exciting party theme that kids would love is a fashion party. Why should the adults be the only ones to enjoy fashion parties? Create a trendy fashion outfit for your kids and have other parents do so as well. And come party day, lets the kids dazzle in all their glamour. That should make for some fun throwback photos years down the line.


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