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5 Wow Alley Rumors

  1. The Wow Alley is fun!
  2. The Wow Alley is for Families of All Ages
  3. The Wow Alley Won’t Make You Leave Hungry
  4. The Wow Alley is Handicap Accessible
  5. There’s No Place Like the Wow Alley for Events

We wanted to clear a few things up for everyone in Coconut Creek. There seems to be a lot of rumors passing around that the Wow Alley is fun. While we do agree, and you should too, take a few facts to clear things up a bit. First, the Wow Alley provides a safe environment with lots of entertainment such as laser lighting, music and a café full of gourmet style food. Not sure who might be spreading this rumor around be we guess it’s EVERYONE!

Next, the other gossip that we’re hearing is that the Wow Alley is for families of all ages. While this fact might be very welcoming, we do want to say so is our staff. Children and adults alike frequent the bowling alley looking for fun and excitement. While this information is adequate, it’s mostly hearsay by our favorite visitors.

If you leave hungry after being at the Wow Alley, then something is wrong! The babble should never stop talking when it comes to bragging about our hand-stretched pizza and craft beer. We don’t want people to get a false impression; they might fall in love with our toasted ravioli or sinking their teeth into one of our delicious burgers. Who would want that?

While the food and fun are two of the most critical chitchat, another comment is that the Wow Alley is handicap accessible. While our facilities are ADA compliant, many people feel their children and the guests around them are yakking about how everyone is catered to at the bowling alley.

Lastly, we do hear a lot of buzzes the Wow Alley is excellent for hosting events such as birthday and corporate parties. In fact, the Wow Alley has many of the community members creating annual events because the facility suits the needs of their members and costs. Event planners like to hold a lot of idle talk about how much our staff is friendly and helpful.

While these may all be rumors, they’re 100% true, and we don’t mind if you spread the word around!

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Bowl In The Dark At The Wow Alley

You probably have been to many bowling alleys and have played numerous bowling games as a result. And like any ardent sportsman/woman, you are probably looking for something extra, something that will excite you or give you that bowling challenge that you seek. The ultra-modern Wow Alley may just have what you need. We have introduced a ‘bowling in the dark’ theme that we think you and your friends would love. Read on to learn more about this.

Our ‘Wow after dark’ theme

Our cosmic ‘wow after dark’ bowling party experience will be available at our Wow Alley facility on Coconut Creek, FL, on Fridays and Saturdays. The themed experience will begin at 8pm and end at midnight. During this time, the normal bright lights will have been switched off and instead will be replaced by black lights and lasers.

All the facilities and amenities that you love about our alley will, however, remain as is. This includes the alley setup, the music, the video screens, the wine bar, etc. The ‘wow after dark’ theme will only skew the aesthetics of our facility and offer a darker, more intriguing, cosmic alley look and experience.

What the ‘Wow after dark’ experience holds

Now you might be wondering, how would anyone manage to bowl in the dark? Well, to put you at ease, the ‘wow after dark’ experience is not as literal as it sounds. You will not be bowling in complete darkness. Think of the ambience and setting of a nightclub. That’s a better example of the vibe you should expect at our ‘wow after dark’ experience. You will not be at risk of tripping or losing your playing edge on the alley fronts. The lasers and dark lights will be enough to allow you to get around and to play as you normally do. The only difference is that the setting will be stealthier.

Why you absolutely have to try bowling in the dark

You have to try our ‘wow after dark’ bowling experience because it will provide you with a game-play experience like you haven’t had before.  Sure, the normal bowling experience is fun but this is exciting, simply because it’s different. The club-like appearance of the alley is especially great is you are the type that likes to go out. Complete with a bar and lounge seats, the ambience will make you feel as though you are in one – only with bowling available. So give it a try!

How to make bowling in the dark even more fun

Our ‘wow after dark’ cosmic theme offers an exciting experience that all our customers love. But that is not as far as the fun goes. You can make the experience even more exciting in a number of ways. For example, you can wear glow-in-the-dark garments or accessories and stand out among your friends. You could also try competing against your daytime scores to see which environment you perform better in. Try to create more ideas with your friends; the process of doing so is still part of the excitement that is ‘wow after dark.

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