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Cookie Decorating With Kids

Cookies can be considered to be the ultimate snack for kids. It is virtually impossible to find a child that does not like cookies. This is why cookie decorating is one of the activities that almost any child will be enthusiastic about participating in, if you promise them that they get to enjoy the cookies after the decorating process.

As with most activities that you get to do with your children, cookie decoration can be an important bonding session between you and your children at home. You also get the opportunity to introduce them to the kitchen gradually through activities that they enjoy. After an enjoyable cookie decoration session, your children might be more open to the idea of being helpful in other ways in the kitchen.

You can also use cookie decorating as an opportunity to engage your children creatively and artistically, as they try different colors and designs in the cookies that they are decorating. As with any activity involving children, there are some guidelines that you need to follow to ensure that both you and your children, have fun during the cookie decorating process. Some must-do items include:

  1. Make sure that you prepare everything before the decorating session

If you are working with really young children, then it is recommended that you have everything prepared and set before the children come into the kitchen. Make sure that the cookies have been baked (and given time to cool), all the icing has already been prepared and placed in bottles/tubes with nozzles, sprinkles are placed in bowls, any other items you need have been prepped.

This is because you need your full attention to supervise your kids in the kitchen. You can’t be distracted by finding supplies when your children are unsupervised in the kitchen. Similarly, kids get easily distracted and they can lose their enthusiasm for cookie decoration if they can’t find vital supplies.

  1. Teach your children about kitchen hygiene and safety

Use this opportunity to teach your kids about kitchen safety and hygiene. Ensure that they wash their hands with soap and water. Teach them how to work safely in the kitchen. Ensure that they clean up after themselves. Give them a brief lesson in the “do’s” and “don’ts” while you are in the kitchen.

  1. Use paper/plastic utensils

Children are clumsy, that is known. To ensure that your decorating session does not turn into a costly affair, keep your good china far from reach. Use paper/plastic plates and other child-friendly utensils that will not break when they are dropped on the floor. When it comes to involving children in the kitchen, it is not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ something will be dropped.

  1. Have fun

Remember, this is not a chore for your children. This is a fun activity that you and your children are supposed to bond over. Create a fun atmosphere by giving your children the space to express themselves ‘artistically’ when decorating the cookies. Get different colors of icing and sprinkles. You can also allow your children’s friends to participate in the activity.

Overall, the cookie decorating session can be the first step towards making your children more enthusiastic about being helpful around the kitchen.

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Wow Factory’s Top Five Activity Ideas for Kids

If you’re a parent, your child’s welfare is at the forefront of your mind at all times. While their health and safety are number one, there’s a multitude of other issues you’re regularly faced with such as how to keep the little buggers entertained 24/7. Not only is keeping kids active a benefit, it’s also at times a challenge. We put together our top five activities that will be helpful if you find yourself drawing a blank. Ready, set, read!

  1. Activity One: Reading
  2. Activity Two: Making Play-Doh from Scratch
  3. Activity Three: Teaching Everyday Skills
  4. Activity Four: Exercise
  5. Activity Five: Cooking

Activity One: Reading as a top five activities. The reason for this being our favorite is because reading gives both parents and children an opportunity to explore new lands, experience unique situations and solve problems. While many children shy away from reading, there are some that absolutely love it and can’t get enough. Encourage your children to read even when not in school. By using this a parent/child activity, you’ll also get a break.

Activity Two: Making Play-Doh from scratch is easy and not as messy as some may think. The best part is you can find most of your ingredients around the house. To explain why this made it to our list, is we enjoy squishing around with the substance too! Who doesn’t enjoy rolling around and forming little dough balls and then creating something awesome? We went the additional step for you and found the recipe, so you can DIY with the kids.

Activity Three: Teaching kids an everyday skill is valuable. Find ways to show them how to work with money. Take them out to the garage and give a lesson on tools and how to use them. The point is kids will retain pretty much everything you teach them at this age so why not give them the skills they’ll need to make a difference? Go the extra mile and activity will be in your top line-up too!

Activity Four: Exercising is one of the best activities for any kid-parent team. Whether you’re out bowling or joining little league, you’ll enjoy the time spent teaching your kid to be physically fit. Another important aspect is kids enjoy challenging and strategizing but it’s also important to teach them how to be okay with losing. Just stay positive and any activity involving athletics will surely be entertaining.

Activity Five: We’ve come to our final interest which is cooking. There’s just something about being in the kitchen, creating something and making a mess that seems to rank high with our attention. This truly is an enjoyable part of any parent’s day when they get to be side by side with their kids in preparing food. Even if it’s baking cookies from a package, there’s a bond that takes place. Don’t worry you can clean up the clutter in the kitchen later.

The important thing to remember here is by spending quality time with your kids, you’ll be keeping them busy and teaching them a wide variety of personal attributes. Any one of these activities will allow you to enjoy the process no matter what these entails.

Of course, our sixth activity we are extremely partial to is taking your child to the Wow Factory for some fun. But, we figure you already knew that to be number one! We hope to see you soon.

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Cooking With The Kids

One of the most fun and educational experiences you can enjoy with your children is cooking. Not only are you teaching them how to feed themselves (which is one of the most important life skills); you are also spending quality time with them and allowing them to learn important skills such as measurement, timing, patience, and self-control. The best way to make your kids enjoy cooking with you is to make it a fun activity; they might lose interest if they feel like they are performing a chore. Here are some tips on how to cook with your kids.

  1. Teach them kitchen safety

Even for adults, the kitchen is one of the most dangerous rooms in the households. When introducing your children to cooking, the first step that you should take is to teach them kitchen safety. Ensure that they understand that they are working with sharp objects and fire. If a child is too young to understand kitchen safety, then they are probably too young to participate in cooking. If you are using gas to cook then your children need to know how to safely turn your cooker on and off. Ensure that they understand the smell of a gas leak and drill them on how to react to it. As an additional precaution, you should teach them how to put out grease fires, and possibly, how to perform first aid on small burns and cuts. You should only proceed once everybody is aware of how to keep themselves, and others, safe in the kitchen.

  1. Cook what they like

Every child has a favorite meal, and one of the best ways to get children interested in cooking (at least in the early stages) is to teach them how to cook their favorite meal. If your children love cookies, then you should introduce them to cooking by teaching them how to bake cookies. By learning how to make their favorite meals, they will be more interested in improving their cooking skills.

  1. Introduce them to healthy meal options

Once they grow up, your children are more likely to cook the food items that you taught them to cook. Therefore, take this opportunity to introduce them to healthier meal options. Incorporate vegetables, white meats, and other healthy food items into your cooking lessons. Teach them how to make simple salads or healthy pasta dishes, and educate them on the benefits of healthy eating. Not only will they save money by cooking for themselves, they will lead much healthier lives too.

  1. Don’t be too serious

Ensure that your children have fun in the kitchen. If you take your joint cooking sessions too seriously, you might negatively affect their enthusiasm to learn how to cook. When your child makes a mistake they should not be scolded, show them what went wrong and encourage them to try again. Children are very sensitive to negative feedback, especially if they were not initially enthusiastic about the activity. Make it a fun experience and your kids will learn an important life skill.

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