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The Month of April is the Perfect Time to Gather Up the Family to Knock Down Pins

If your family is like most of us, you’re always looking for fun and exciting ways to bring each other together without causing a big bore or hassle. The month of April is that time of year where there’s been enough of a break between holidays and school activity allowing for enjoyable family times once again. We think the month of April is also the best time to join us for a few games of knocking down pins and enjoying the company of family and friends.

Whether you’re looking to participate in a league or you just want to gather up a few people for some open bowling, this month is a terrific time to plan. Although it seems like spring time in Coconut Creek year around, this is pre-season to the super-hot weather, and lots of people tend to gather together for some fun. At the Wow Alley, you never must worry about working up too much of a sweat because of the air conditioner making this the perfect indoor sporting activity.

Another reason why bowling is a great activity is that you can promote things like team building skills with your co-workers or even some people in your neighborhood for some additional fun to break up the humdrum of the week. No matter what the case may be, plan your month with a chance to play a little to shake it up.

In addition to inviting your co-workers to join a league, your kids will have a great time with the laser lights and black lighting for our Cosmic Bowling parties. This is an excellent way to keep your teens out of trouble while learning new skills and getting some needed exercise. Be sure to bring student ids for discounted rates and don’t forget the times are Friday’s and Saturdays from 8-12 pm.

There are so many great reasons for making the month of April your time to come by and strap on a fresh pair of shoes. While yelling “Strike,” you’ll want to make Wow Alley a tradition for everyone. In fact, you’ll find this excellent game is still going a spare for those who thought it to be old and gone. While it’s just a good time all around for everyone, it’s also a place for some good clean fun.

Contact us today to reserve your lane. Open bowling is also available.

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Retro First Dates for All Ages

In today’s dating world, there may be times where one could get into a slump. Finding new things to do can often be a challenge. Dinner and a movie are somewhat over rated. Some theories state dinner and a movie to be one of the worst ideas when it comes to first dates. Why? Because you can’t get an opportunity to speak to someone during the show and aren’t first dates meant to be the exploratory phase? Well, we have a few answers for you. In this blog, we state why bowling is an excellent activity for first dates, no matter what your age.

Per the International Bowling Museum, bowling began in 300 AD. If that’s not retro, we don’t know what is! Nonetheless, this ancient past time has been filling hearts with joy ever since they started. Rather than taking a date somewhere over priced and giving your date a ‘bore-into,’ why not introduce your new friend to one of the most fun and oldest sports in the history books? You might just find this to be your new hobby even after you’ve gotten married and had nine kids!

Okay, we’re obviously joking. But, the sport of bowling can be enjoyable, fun and exciting. You can see how your date will be in many future situations such as competitiveness, politeness, and strategic planning. However, why would these attributes entail revealing strong character?

Here are your answers:

Competitiveness in bowling is an excellent approach when you’re at the bowling alley. On a first date basis, this may tell you a lot of whether you’re continuing the relationship. In other words, keep the competition on the lanes!

Polite and etiquette go hand in hand or finger in the ball while bowling. As you know, it’s important to remember to wait for the person who is standing next to you

Strategic planning is another characteristic your date may impress you with when it comes to bowling. This type of aspect can help determine if this person will be on point planning your future family events and such.

Of course, these are just a few reasons to make a night of bowling one of your first dates. No matter if you’re 15 or 50 you can’t go wrong bringing your date-night to the bowling alley. All in all, we think pins and the bowling ball can help build strong relationships even when it’s the very first date.

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5 Common Misconceptions About Bowling

When it comes to bowling, many people feel this is a game of skill and strength. While that might be true, there are some real misconceptions out there when it comes to knocking down ten pins. This leisure activity offers a multitude of benefits that can make a difference in just about anyone’s life. In this week’s blog, we reveal five common misconceptions about the game you might not have thought.

  1. Bowling isn’t as good as playing a video game
  2. Bowling is too easy
  3. Bowlers should play alone
  4. Ten Pins is an ‘old-school’ game
  5. Bowling is only for adults

There’s a reason why game systems such as Playstation and the Wii have created bowling games. While these might be a lot of fun to play in the comfort of your home, there’s something exciting about wearing funny looking shoes and toting around a bowling ball. Some people may argue bowling isn’t as fun as a video game. On the contrary, this is a way to offer an aerobic activity that is low impact; it’s a way to perfect your skills with strategic planning and form just as any other sport and bowling are a whole lot more fun when you get together with friends and family.

Believe it or not, but, the first games of bowling were played by the Egyptians as they used balls made of porcelain and leather rolling the human-made balls to know over stones and other objects. Since we live today, bowling has become a competitive sport because it requires you to take the proper stance and aim for the center pin. However, when you’re shooting for a straight or some other spare, you need to understand gravity and physics to know where the ball will hit the pins to knock down the ones left standing. That requires skill and makes the game more challenging. Understanding the arrows and dots on the wood lane is another tool people use making the game one that is legendary when it comes to sports.

While bowling is an activity you can play without the company of others, the game does become more fun when there are more people. The camaraderie could be one of the biggest reasons why bowling leagues got started.  We like to say “the more, the merrier,” and we’re sure you would agree after playing with a few of your closest friends.

Ten Pins or bowling is not an old-school game. Today, kids of all ages are enjoying the benefits of this non-contact sport.

Bowling is not just for adults either. We are seeing children as young as three, push the ball down the lane anticipating its destination. Bumper bowling is ideal for mom’s and toddlers, and we’re happy to accommodate.

We hope this clears up any misconceptions you may have had about the game of bowling and bring your family in for this international game of fun!

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Teach Your Children to Give During the Holidays

With the way, today’s big world is operating many of our children seem to be getting the wrong impressions on what the holiday season should offer. It seems almost every year the kids are more focused on gifts and playtime and not enough learn the real ideology of the season. In this blog, we point out a few tips that will help your boys and girls remember to help make the world a better place.

Thanksgiving and Family Dinners are always a superb time to discuss how much you appreciate each other. After all, our young ones learn starts at home. Why not teach them to show their gratitude toward people in your family by letting everyone comment on who and why they are thankful? You can start a gratitude jar and decorate it for the holidays and then have each family member pull one of the remarks and read during the dinner. Announcing why we’re gracious is not only fun, it’s 100% heartwarming.

Next up, “Random Acts of Kindness.” It seems we all have a little too much on our plate today to take our mind off and place our energies elsewhere. Remember the old folks that live next door or a charity that has a worthy cause. Get your children involved in philanthropy and doing kind things for others without making a big deal of it. Perhaps they can volunteer to help take out the garbage for the senior woman living alone or bring them to charitable events for kids less fortunate to help open their eyes to helping others.

Hold a food or toy drive within your neighborhood. Anyone can do this activity. When you get, your kids involved, it becomes a unique event. Help them promote giving to other children their age by collecting food or toys, and they bring to a drop off center. Food drives are something you can do any time of year. These are events you can do anytime. The whole idea is to help you son or daughter be open to looking out for the needs of others. We call it humanity, and it makes a huge difference when more of us can be pro-active in the community.

Give your kids the ideas to do nice things for others, and you’ll be teaching them some value and morals important to their success on becoming great citizens.

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Wow Factory Tips for Holidays

How to prevent your child from getting the holiday blues.

It seems it was only yesterday the kids went back to school, and now we’re facing that time of year where holiday vacations are once again upon us. For most parents, this time of year can be a lot of fun. That is if the kids are enjoying themselves. However, if you start to hear those famous words “What Can We Do Today, I’m Bored?” it’s time to find an outlet. In this blog, we present you with some tips that keep the kids preoccupied without charging up your credit cards in the process.

Tip One:  Try a new recipe.  If your kids like to get messy in the kitchen, then why not try a few new recipes that can keep them entertained? Bear in mind, this time of year the parents aren’t the only ones who are faced with making healthy choices. Help you, kids, to find recipes they will enjoy both making and eating without putting on the extra pounds. New types of vegan cookies or healthy granola bars can be low-calorie alternatives.

Tip Two:  Go Hiking. There are plenty of trails and places for the kids to enjoy being outdoors. This time of year South Florida is perfect because of both weather and lack of bugs. Even though it’s still a good idea to wear sunscreen and mosquito repellent when hitting a nature walk, this is the most pleasant time of year for fresh air. Make the time you spend with your children a learning one by identifying plants and wildlife. Whatever the case maybe, you’ll find this both enjoyable for your kids and you.

Tip Three:  Start a family blog. Go to and start your family blog then invite other members of the clan to join in. Give them individual writing assignments, post pictures and invite other people to join in. By including your kids to be a part of this project may open new doors and develop confidence.

Tip Four:  Plan a field trip to the Wow Factory. Don’t forget to invite the other kids in the neighborhood or from your child’s class. The Wow Factory is a place that’s not only fun, but it also helps children to develop unique skills such as team building and motor skill development. Of course, we highly recommend this tip!

Before you know it, the kids will be back to school and life will get back to normal. We suggest planning a few activities to give your children something to look forward to during the season. Whatever you do, we’re always here to break up the monotony.

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Best Mommy Bloggers on the Net Today

The all visual social platform Pinterest has exploded over the past few years. Recently the statistics point to Pinterest having over 100 million active users to the site per day. They’ve also introduced a new feature for mommy bloggers to find their next career move. Pinfluencers are dominating this site and you should too. Here’s some of the best Mommy Bloggers or marketers you should check out next time you’re on board. (no pun, really)

Joy Cho targets everything from baby clothing to recipes for a monster ball. She’s a designer by trade so you’ll catch a lot of fashion pins too. Her blog titled “Oh joy!” shows her sparkling family and has some of the cutest kids. Treat yourself to the many products that she features online. She’s got a terrific site, including throwing great parties for your children.

Now we switch to Josi Denise who takes a little more of a radical approach. She’s the “I’m going to tell you just like it is” mom. With a background in marketing and PR, she has a small following on Instagram, a modest 2400 followers, but you get a sense of who she is and how her life as a mom unfolds. Josi has a great disposition and attitude that allow her to use Mommy Blogging as a form of career.

There’s an estimated $2,000 each time you hit 1Million Followers. is a young mom who resides in San Diego with her perfect family of 3. You can check out her reviews on things such as Halloween costumes to a host of other family topics. She’s featured in the Huffington Post to Today Parents. The second you log onto her page, you feel like you’ve known this blogger for years. It’s great to see writers turn into superstars with the concept of becoming a brand influencer.

There’s a ton of other talented people in the category of Mommy Blogs. We’re just pointing out the most obvious ones to us. We certainly hope you let us know who your favorite blogger is.

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Dad Jokes – Top Quotes Heard From Fathers During Parties

We love to entertain kids and family here at The Wow Factory.

Our indoor play center in South Florida is the perfect place to have a birthday party or to just have an awesome day of fun.

We are going to entertain you with some funny quotes that Dad’s say during parties.  

The stage was set for Beth to have her 15th birthday party and everyone was excited. Everyone, including Beth’s father who was also very nervous. He wanted his daughter’s birthday to be special as everyone else did. He helped decorate the room, went on a very important gift hunt for his little girl and did as much as he could to ensure that her birthday would be a time to remember. After weeks of planning the celebration, the table and decorations were flowing gently in the breeze, the cake is perfectly frosted and the guests arrive with smiles and the finishing touches to an incredible day. Everyone is sitting around, while Beth is opening her gifts and the room is quiet, Beth’s dad blurts out “Holy Crispy Critters your parents spent a fortune on that!” and Beth sinks into a cloud of pure embarrassment.

Sometimes dads say the most random things. At the Wow Factory we’ve heard just about everything. Here’s some common and not-so-common quotes we’ve heard coming from the lips of our hairiest members of the family…Dad.

“Lefty loosey, righty tighty”

“Don’t tell your mother”

“The Cleveland Browns will win the Superbowl this year.”

“Did she really get that big?”

“Wow son, who gave you that gift? It’s going to take 4 hours to put it together.”

“I was with the twelve disciples. After my wife sees this bill this will be my last supper!”

“Billy, here’s the keys, you drive. You’re old enough, right?”

“Money is that thing you’ll never see. But hear us parents always talk about.”

“How long is that return line usually?”

“Go wash your upper lip.”

“You have no idea how long it took me to order that online”

“I shop at the biggest store in the world. Amazon.”

“What’s the return on that puppy?”

“Leggos again son, my left foot is still recovering from the last time I stepped on them.”

Your mother is right, even when she is wrong.”

“We were grateful to get an orange for Christmas”

“Can we return the Leggos, for something else?”

“Don’t tell your grandmother”

“Were You Raised in a Barn?”

“Tell your sister to stop dancing like Beyoncé. “

“I know it’s your birthday, but your mother asked me what kind of cake I wanted.”

While you can’t always blame the fathers knowing how to refrain from saying certain things or anything or that matter. But that’s part of what makes them who they are.  We love dad no matter how goofy, corny or random the words are that may come out of their mouth.

Nonetheless, we hope you enjoyed a little poke at the pops, but we love our Dads and would like to hear from you!

What are your funny dad quotes? We’d love for you to share with the readers.

Looking for a great place to have a indoor birthday party filled with activities and fun things to do in South Florida?

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Corporate Team Building That Include Families at the Wow Factory

Want a place to hold your next Corporate Team Building That Includes Families? Have your next event at our indoor activity and entertainment complex in Coconut Creek serving all South Floridians.

Boosting company morale can be challenging at time. By your company hosting a team productivity event at our indoor entertainment complex serving Boca Raton, Pompano Beach, Coconut Creek and all of South Florida that includes their families you can expect to have a better turnout. The attendance will increase since the employees won’t need to hire a sitter to watch the children. Here are some fresh ideas for visiting Wow Factory that are appropriate for your next event.

Indoor Laser Tag can be planned for both employees or employees with kids. Depending on the age of the child (not intended for kids under the age of 5 and up) the parents can partner up with the kids for a mission. Of course, this is one of the attractions that’s great for just the adults as well. The Indoor Laser Tag has many cool hiding places and is very colorful. Your company can get creative with photos of the teams and their children to post on your Facebook page and make as a memorable company event.

Laser Frenzy is another way to build teamwork and induce creativity for your co- workers. Organize the attendees as Team Blue, Team Red, and Team Yellow be a part of your Laser Frenzy theme. Remember to select black light-friendly colors for your shirts. Watch as your staff crawl in and out of the Lazer Beams that challenge them to make it to the end. Teams with the most amount of players at the end of the game without being tagged wins. This is an intense and interactive game that your company will enjoy along with building trust. This is ideal for older children ages 7 and higher.

Depending on the size of your group, and the group itself (ages and if it’s family or just co-workers) You will find that the cost of such activities is reasonable.

child-parents_2101408bAnother consideration should be the time of year and weather if you can’t decide on an outdoor activity or one indoors. Our indoor arcade is another part of the Wow Factory that can be utilized all year round, regardless of the weather.

Is someone from your organization retiring? This is a fun setting for bittersweet goodbyes. You’ll make the parting sweet sorrow while enjoying a festive event sharing with your colleagues and their families. There are private rooms that can also decorate for your guests.

If you need catering, they offer a variety of food like pizza and pitchers of soda, and there is also a menu for group platters to make your planning easier. For the riskier groups, there is also beer and wine sold at the café. Don’t forget to wear the athletic shoes and bring socks. It’s not permitted to wear flip- flops or sandals. There are several attractions to choose. You can select a specific attraction or unlimited attractions for the entire day.

Speak to one of our staff regarding corporate parties and pricing. The Wow Factory is an Indoor Family Fun and Party Center Boca Raton, Coconut Creek, Deerfield Beach,
Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale and all South Florida Communities