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Best Mommy Bloggers on the Net Today

The all visual social platform Pinterest has exploded over the past few years. Recently the statistics point to Pinterest having over 100 million active users to the site per day. They’ve also introduced a new feature for mommy bloggers to find their next career move. Pinfluencers are dominating this site and you should too. Here’s some of the best Mommy Bloggers or marketers you should check out next time you’re on board. (no pun, really)

Joy Cho targets everything from baby clothing to recipes for a monster ball. She’s a designer by trade so you’ll catch a lot of fashion pins too. Her blog titled “Oh joy!” shows her sparkling family and has some of the cutest kids. Treat yourself to the many products that she features online. She’s got a terrific site, including throwing great parties for your children.

Now we switch to Josi Denise who takes a little more of a radical approach. She’s the “I’m going to tell you just like it is” mom. With a background in marketing and PR, she has a small following on Instagram, a modest 2400 followers, but you get a sense of who she is and how her life as a mom unfolds. Josi has a great disposition and attitude that allow her to use Mommy Blogging as a form of career.

There’s an estimated $2,000 each time you hit 1Million Followers. is a young mom who resides in San Diego with her perfect family of 3. You can check out her reviews on things such as Halloween costumes to a host of other family topics. She’s featured in the Huffington Post to Today Parents. The second you log onto her page, you feel like you’ve known this blogger for years. It’s great to see writers turn into superstars with the concept of becoming a brand influencer.

There’s a ton of other talented people in the category of Mommy Blogs. We’re just pointing out the most obvious ones to us. We certainly hope you let us know who your favorite blogger is.

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South Florida Place To Go During Break

Keeping Kids Busy During Holiday Break: Visit The Wow Factory for Indoor Fun in South Florida. 

It’s no secret that children in South Florida tend to get bored during long holiday vacations. More than likely they’re letting you know how repeatedly bored they are.  With a little creativity and knowledge, you can cure your child’s boredom and keep your sanity.  Here are a few tips on keeping your kids from getting uninterested during their time off.

 Looking to for some activities to do during school breaks like Christmas, Spring, Winter, or Holiday? There is always something to do to entertain kids during breaks for Palm Beach or Broward County Schools at the Wow Factory.

Rainy day blahs are often experienced here in the Southern Florida area.  There are days it never seems to end and, of course, we need to keep our children entertained during a stormy day.  The movies are a great way to spend time during a holiday rain blunder of a day. If the show doesn’t seem to do the trick, then focus on doing an indoor activity that gets some of their energy out.  Another fun activity that doesn’t require a lot is painting or sculpting in the garage or lanai.  Buying canvas and paints can be an inexpensive way to spend a rainy afternoon.  You’ll also get a nice picture to share with everyone afterwards.

Stay organized and having a schedule planned for the holiday break is super helpful.  Let your children know what you’ll be doing and when.  This will not only give them something to look forward to, including them will make them feel like they are important.  The other important thing to point out here is your marbles will stay intact. 

If your brains aren’t ready to fall out during the break, then why not try a day in the kitchen cooking up one of your kid’s favorite meals.  Plan to take them shopping and teach them how to plan the menu, budget the meal, and shop for supplies.  Once your home, you can spend the rest of the day cooking the main course and, of course, serving it up.  By making it a learning experience, they’ll be getting a new skill that is delicious.  This is a real way to bond with your children, and you won’t hear “I’m bored” come out of their cute little lips.

Make winter, summer, spring, or Christmas break awesome with special day by having a field trip for the whole family.  Whether that’s doing a barbecue at the park, a day at the beach or, of course, an indoor playground like the Wow Factory.  Coconut Creek has access to some of the best attractions if you’re a Floridian, or you’re visiting.