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Summer Camp Planning for Your Kids

While many of today’s parents start planning for the summer break, there’s a few of the summer camp programs that may seem a little under the radar when it comes to keeping kids busy. In cases where the child is enrolled in a summer camp program to substitute for things like child care, it’s imperative the facility incorporates a multitude of activities to keep kids occupied. In this week’s blog, we point out some planning ideas for when they go to their summer camp programs even if it’s at the end of the season.

Summer Camp Means More than Making Key Chains with Beads

When it comes to summer camps the first thing most of us think of is activities such as making ice cream in a bag or beaded keychains. However, there’s a lot more to sign up your child for these annual programs. Besides the fact that your kid will have less chance of becoming bored, it’s also an excellent environment to practice social skills. In fact, it’s good to look toward programs such as sports clinics to teach children ways of practicing their team building skills along with a plethora of others.

Don’t Assume Your Kids Will Eat Healthy While at Summer Camp

Another tip for summer camp is to check the menu if they will be providing lunch or snacks. Since it’s summer vacation for most children, a healthy diet can frequently be overlooked. Be sure to ask the facilitator of the summer camp what types of food will be provided. If the answer is pizza and chicken wings, you may want to pack a lunch or look for a place that offers more nutrition. Health and Safety First.

Safety First Before Drop Off

Safety is another key point to make here. If your kid is included in any camp activities or any other place, be sure to ask the instructors what they are doing to ensure your child’s safety. Don’t assume they have a strategy in place. Be certain there’s protocol when it comes to who or whom can pick up the child. Find out what they do if there’s any emergency, etc. If you don’t ask, you can be sure there will be a certain level of anxiety when you drop the kids off.

Lastly, do your research and find out what type of field trips and off-site activities are planned. If the facility has an outing planned at a place such as an indoor gym or recreation center, be sure you know the rules and regulations of the venue before allowing your child to attend. Better yet, volunteer at these events. Not only will you feel more comfortable, but you’ll also rekindle fond memories of when you were a child. Who knows, you might even get the day off of work!

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The Wow Factory: Book Your Summer Camp Outing at the Wow Factory

The Wow Factory is South Florida’s premier summer camp stop for awesome indoor activities that give a whole new meaning to summer. The Wow Factory has numerous fun activities to do this summer. The kids, teens and adults in your group will get to spend summer in a positive and fun way as well as in a safe and air conditioned environment! The Wow Factory is one of the top family entertainment centers that you ought to try out this summer. The activities are designed keeping in mind the particular age groups so as to ensure that there is something for everyone. There are various packages to suit your summer camps’ visit to the Wow Factory.

The packages for summer camp can be booked in 2 or 3-hour increments and can include lunch and/or bowling at the Wow Ally if you would like.   Included in the packages, as always is our ropes course, rock wall, laser tag, Ballocity and video games among many others. You will get to experience the maze of flashing video games.  It will be so much fun; you’ll wish you didn’t have to leave.

Ballocity is a Wow Factory favorite to keep the kids entertained this summer. It is the ultimate indoor playground for teens, kids and even toddlers. It is one of a kind industrial blast zone where the kids get to let off a little steam. It is an experience where they will have fun and learn as they maneuver through the obstacles, web tunnels and slides.

In addition to fun, the kids will be building confidence and strategy skills as they participate on the ropes course and in our Lazer Tag room. Kids can learn a lot though play as well as learning important social skills, which is a great reason why you should book your Summer Camp Outing at the Wow Factory.

You don’t have to worry about the kids’ meals if you don’t want to. The Wow Factory can reserve a party room for your camp and provide lunch so that all you have to do is show up and have fun!

Looking for the best place in South Florida to bring your summer camp? The Wow Factory needs to be on your list! Centrally located in Coconut Creek, FL, we are just a 45 minute drive from West Palm Beach and North Miami. Summer camps welcome but please call to reserve your spot.

About The Wow Factory Based in South Florida

The Wow Factory is located in South Florida and is one of the best facilities for summer camps to visit. The facility is packed with fun things that you ought to try out this summer. For more on summer camp packages as well as pricing, contact The Wow Factory planners via call 954-380-8600 ext. 200 or visit their website