The Secret About Bowling and Child Development

Today there are some sports and after school activities that can help your child with their development. Many of these sports may include soccer, baseball and football and all require your child to have the motor skills and stamina to play the game. Bowling is a great way for your child to benefit while developing that not many people think about because it doesn’t seem like exercise. On the contrary bowling is a great activity whether there’s a ton of cardio or aerobic activity or not. In this week’s blog, we point out some of the benefits and how it might help your youth.

First, let’s break down the strenuous activity and how bowling equates. The number of calories or getting ones’ heart rate up may vary. Realistically the game isn’t high impact with movement. However, it’s similar to golfing where you can burn up to 613 calories on a nine-hole course. While you may not be jumping up and down, there are other benefits to the game to consider.

Teaching kids to be good at bowling helps them develop visual skills. Learning to use the arrows and guides on the floor otherwise known as “dovetails” are a form of geometric reference and your son or daughter will get a feel for lining up the ball by using the arrows and their eyes. This is an excellent way to teach them how to problem solve and build skills toward strategizing.

Other than using their eyes, bowling can help strengthen muscles, a perfect range of motion and make them more flexible. When releasing the ball, the arm needs to stay straight while bending at the elbow and releasing. Because the ball is heavy, your child’s arm is becoming stronger just by holding and releasing.

On top of the motion your arm is performing, the range of motion is improved because the muscles in the hand, arm and shoulders are working creating a synergy between these motions. Many people with children diagnosed with disabilities enjoy this activity because of these developments.

Besides the upper body strength, bowling teaches us how to be balanced better. When you walk up the lane before releasing the ball, it’s traditional to throw back the leg behind the other one. This is known as the “Trail Leg.” This leg helps to balance the force or action that’s applied to the ball. This motion will also counterbalance the movement of the ball. These motions are not intuitive and must be learned.

Bowling is a great way to teach kids how to be competitive without aggression. They can learn to use other parts of their bodies to improve their game such as their site and motor skills. That’s the secret to bowling. This isn’t just a sport for the elderly; it’s a game that will help your child develop throughout their life. Why don’t you book your lane today?

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