The Ultimate Sleep Over Party for Girls

The Wow Factory presents you with ideas and tips for the ultimate sleep over party for girls.

When it comes to your kids, there’s nothing more important than making them happy.  We’re all on board with you for that one.  But after you’ve just come back from picking up your daughter from her friend’s sleepover and she’s overwhelmed with excitement between the sugar and no sleep, she says “So n so had the best party ever, I hope my next party is that cool” you know there’s no other way than to outdo the other parent.  So here’s how you blow your daughter away if she’s between the age of 6-12 and likes to be spoiled with adventure.

Location: Select the location for the party first.  If you’ve decided to have it home or at some other location, it can drastically change your planning.  Places like the Miami’s Seaquarium offer overnight visits that offer up to 15 people minimum and 1 free chaperone.  These events can be costly and start at $60 per person.  This venue is rather far if you live near Coconut Creek, and you’ll have to have a reliable form of transportation to and from the park.  Despite the cost and hassle of the drive this can be a unique way to celebrate your kid’s birthday or other event.

Surprise Party: Wow Factory is great at keeping secrets and can be an outstanding venue to have your party. While we don’t have overnight guests, this is a great place to start out and then welcome your guests back to your house.

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch: Prior to your child’s party visit the local Home Depot and pick up some rope or PVC pipes.  Create tents throughout your living room and place colorful pillows and use sheets to make the sleepover room inviting mysterious and fun.

Entertainment:  What you decide on entertainment is entirely up to you, however you should consider the age and what’s appropriate.  The younger girls may enjoy things like make-up makeovers to face painting, while the older girls might get a kick out of having a fortune teller or belly dancer come by to keep the party lively.

Avoid Fights and Arguments: You can avoid trouble kids, by keeping the party full of activities and fun.  If you notice that there’s children that are shy, try to encourage them to be the helper or some other way to break their resistance. Remember, you want this to be the ultimate party for all the kids, not just one or two.

Snacks and Decorations: You can find a variety of great snack ideas by visiting places like or pick up a Martha Stewart Magazine for ideas. Small touches like white lights are not only festive, you can leave them up year round as decorations.  This season many of the girls’ parties are incorporating roses and pretty polka dot patterns that resemble shabby-chic than the bright neon color swatches from previous years. Snacks are a cinch with things like the Whole Foods App that can help you plan your grocery list.

The Cake:  Carry out your theme with decorations on your cake or cupcakes to keep it simple.  A few cute ideas are placing the cupcake in a cone shaped paper container to resemble more of an ice-cream.  The other cute idea is cake-pops.   A minimum of cake is seemingly better than too much.  That is, unless you love the leftovers? 

In the morning serve cereal in a cute and festive way.  Buy a variety of mini cereal boxes. Then take plastic spoons, use beads with letters on and hot glue to the spoon, the children’s names.  You can then attach these with a bow and place in a matching bowl.

As a giveaway, you can create pretty toothbrushes individualized with name tags or using the letter beads and hot gluing the names to the toothbrush. Using older traditional items and presenting them in a newer way, makes you the ultimate hostess.

You can also make star-shaped sugar cookies and place skewers or wooden sticks in them. Cover with plastic wrap and some pretty bows to secure shut and you’ve made a magic wand that’s perfect for giveaways.   The gesture small, the reception H-U-G-E!

By using a little creativity, and some ingenuity, you can create one of the best birthday parties your daughter has ever had and one she’ll be proud of.   Of course, there are many great ideas out there and we’d like to hear from you what your creative mind came up with. Feel free to drop us a line.

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