The Wow Alley’s Version of “How I Met Your Mother”

From the second my bowling alley fries were placed on the table, I knew I was in for a not so good night. The thundering of the alley crashed into my head. My bowling ball was getting heavier as I head toward my team. We were playing against Lou’s Diamond Girls, otherwise known as the Bombshell Ballers. These girls were terrible, and I had a lousy day seemingly about to get worse.

The lady of my dreams was on the opposing team in the tournament

While my day was stressed with work, my shoulders and body were tensing at the alley as the anticipation was building. Our team and I were at the tournament to beat.  That is if you wanted to move into the pros.  While becoming anxious to beat the opposing team, I dropped my ball pulling it out of my bag. I bent over embarrassed and frustrated to pick up my ball when I looked down to see the smallest women’s shoes along with bright laces.

Pink Flames Decorated the Woman’s Bowling Shoes

As the shoes were intriguing enough, I yearned for more. I glanced up and concentrated on Gail’s eyes. There she was with that red hair, and a bowling ball spray painted with pink flames.  I was apparently in her way as she gazed deeply into my eyes and exclaimed: “Move out of the way slick!”

I Knew I wanted to Win her heart

After each one of Lou’s Diamond Girls scored one strike after another, I knew we wouldn’t win. But, I felt like a champ in her eyes. And just as I saw her walking away, knowing I’d never see her again, she asked me to hold her bowling ball with a smile. She started anxiously reaching for her keys in her bowling bag until she pulled them out with a sigh. When she arrived with her bag, she stared into my eyes once more and asked if wanted to join her league. It was then I knew we were destined to be together.

Throughout the years, bowling has been a favorite activity and now each one of my kids enjoys it just as much as we do. Well, I should say “our kids” and our grandkids” to be more correct. Even thirty years later we’re still destined to be in the alley of love.

Yep, she was and still is the love of my life and bowling was the vehicle that put us together. We re-visit often and again play in the same league. Even 30-years later, the game is fun and so is our favorite past time, with each other.

You should start a memory of your own too.

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