Uncommon Sports That Are Great For Kids

Your kid might not be the type that enjoys football, soccer, swimming, or basketball. But, these are not the only sports kids can play. The following sports are uncommon, but they are fun and demand the same physical agility as the common sports. One of them might motivate your kids to play and love sports and other outdoor activities.


Your kid needs not to be fast or physically fit to enjoy bowling. The sport improves fine motor skills, coordination, and balance. As a non-aggressive sport, injury risks are very small. However, first timers can get strained muscles. The handicapped scoring system guarantees participation from all players. Bowling centers are located all over the country and kids as young as three years can participate.


The popularity of television shows such as Arrow, Game of Thrones, and The Hunger Games have made the young generation take an interest in archery. It is a sport for kids who enjoy lone activities. Archery requires focus, concentration, patience, and persistence. Archery is best enjoyed indoors, but can also be taken outdoors in a golf course-like type of play. Typically, it is convenient for kids older than 10. But due to the popularity, archery clubs are training younger kids.


If a bouncy castle no longer interests your kid, how about signing them up for bossaball. The sport is a combination of volleyball, soccer, and acrobatics, which is played on an inflatable court. Your kid will definitely enjoy the bossa nova music and will bounce their hearts out on the court. Bossaball is for kids eight years and older.


If your kid is the outdoor type, then kayaking is an option. Being out in the water on a hot summer is a welcome idea for kids as young as six years. Paddling a kayak provides a full body work out. Your kid’s physical fitness and flexibility will improve. Kids can paddle single kayaks, or paddle larger kayaks in teams of four.

Table tennis

Unlike field tennis, table tennis does not demand too much physical activity. Nonetheless, it is a serious sport. Concentration, alertness, and eye-hand coordination are put to the ultimate test thereby improving brain function. If your kid picks interest in the game, you can buy an inexpensive table tennis set so that they can enjoy the game at home.

Speed Stacking

Speed stacking is not for parties only. It is now a recognized sport with dedicated organizations that hold competitions. Speed stacking involves stacking plastic cups in a pre-determined sequence in as little time as possible. Kids as young as two years can participate. It requires planning, quick thinking, and, of course, lots of practice. The game can be enjoyed at home too. All you need to do is to buy a speed stack starter pack and a timer.

Some kids have an imagination that is out of the ordinary, so they like doing uncommon things. So, do not be discouraged that they find sports boring. Let them try these uncommon sports. You never know – they might find bowling or archery very interesting.

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