Why My Cupcake Idea is Better Than Yours

Why My Cupcake Idea is Better Than Yours

If you have school aged children, you know, each year during your child’s birthday, there’s a chance that you’ll get asked to make cupcakes. There are times that cupcakes are requested for other special occasions as well.  These delicious pastries can be a part of any celebration, but what do you do to make these party favors more exciting than last years?  There can be additional challenges in making a great cupcake. Things like assembly and transportation for handheld cakes can get in the way of making the best cupcakes for your kids.  Here are a few ideas that are very simple to make and easy to transport without you having a catering truck to do so.

First, think outside of the box, or in this case the baking cups.  Use items like Ice Cream cones, plastic champagne or wine glasses, or try the cupcake pops for something a little more unique.

Garnish your cupcakes by making shapes out of vanilla wafers, or some other cookie, marshmallows, Reese’s Peanut Butter chips, etc.  You can find ideas and recipes in places like Pinterest and Martha Stewart Living for unique ideas that serve a grand presentation.

Cupcakes at office parties can be extra fun and you can use your creativity by including a theme.  Such as Popsicle Brownie Pops or an Apple Pie with filling in the middle of the cupcake as an extra surprise for your co-workers.

Cupcake filling is important in some cases.  You can add things like crispy bacon strips in Maple Brown Sugar cupcake recipe, pie fillings are excellent to stuff in the middle, or you can stick with a traditional icing. 

Cupcakes don’t have to be sweet or full of sugar.  Why not create a lunch cupcake using crescent rolls or biscuit mix, pizza sauce, pepperoni’s and of course mozzarella cheese and call it a Pizza Cupcake?

Are you looking for a healthy recipe that’s low in calories? The traditional carrot cake is always a super choice but if you want to be a little more innovative, why not try a protein muffin or a Gluten-Free banana bread mix?  Presentation is everything when it comes to the ‘world of cupcakes.’

Stay away from ice cream, or anything that can be destroyed during your transportation.  Some ways to protect your creations if you’ll be traveling a distance to deliver your homemade snacks.  Place small cupcakes in plastic cocktail cups, then wrap with pretty or bold colored pieces of cellophane then tie with colorful bows.  This not only keeps the pastry, fresh, it’s a superb way to package and transport.

Cupcake containers can be very expensive, but if you find clear cups with lids and tie a plastic spoon in the cup with a festive bow, you make it simple to transport but it’s also easier for people to eat without a mess.

Big box stores like Michael’s has a gazillion great ideas from paper to candles and containers that you should check out.  They sell cake boxes for those craftier and if you open your mind you’ll find this to be an excellent source for all your party needs. 

The point here to make is that cupcakes are a sign of L-O-V-E.   Whether you’re making these delicious party favors for your child or for the people you work with, these little cake foods are ideal in any situation.  By taking the extra time and doing a bit of research, your cupcakes might become better than mine! 

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Happy Baking!!

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